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Tuesday 2010-06-01 14:24
Author: Ingmarie Nilsson
Hjälp till du med!
Fick ett mail från min fantastiska vän Toby Tanser.

This time I am running for a whole nation of children who do not have a single public Kid´s hospital!

From the Sea to the Stars
I would love your support on this one...
This December I hope to get started with the children’s hospital I am building in Kenya.
Every donation counts to get this moving. It has been my full (unpaid) job for the last two years.
I need your help to add some bricks. No amount is too small.

In Kenya one kid in every eight is dying before the age of five and that they do not have a single children´s public hospital is a key factor in this horrible stat.
Moreover 80% of all children who die do so without ever seeing a health care provider.
Please help me give them access to basic healthcare.

To coincide with the ground breaking I will run from the port of Mombasa, by the Indian Ocean, to the top of the world´s highest free standing mountain.
No easy task and one that will take me through a Lion infested game park.
I would be honored if you could support me in my efforts and make a donation (tax deductible).

More details and to make a secure online donation please visit my fund raising page and view the video.

Full time volunteer, CEO & staff, of Shoe4Africa

Jag kan garantera att pengarna kommer att hamna där de ska.
Om alla som läser det här bidrar med ynka $10 (knappt 80 kronor) så kommer det att bli en himla massa pengar till barnsjukhuset!
Visst har du råd med det?
(Att använda PayPal är busenkelt och enormt säkert)

Är du med?

2 comments to "Hjälp till du med!"

Tuesday 2010-06-01 22:12
Vilken kille! Jag är med. kram Å.
Tuesday 2010-06-01 23:27
Åsa; Ja tänk om vi hade haft fler "Toby" i världen... Roligt att du är med!

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