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Saturday 2008-04-12 21:23
Author: Ingmarie Nilsson
Magic armchair
As if it´s not enough that my job as a nurse for the agency is fun, interesting, pleasant and (fairly) well paid, my work at Karolinska Trial Alliance, where I am now, also have this very special armchair.

I´ve seen them before. On the malls, health centers and even in the furniture store but I´ve always thought they looked....well, simple and kind of ridiculous.
Just the word gives me goose-bumps and makes me want to laugh.
What a silly thing!

But oh, what a mistake!
The Smart-spa massage-chair was a big surprise!
So cool!

You just sit down in this huge chair, adjust the seat, choose program, relax and let the "smartspa" do the work.
And it does work.
If you want a soft "Hollywood-massage" you can have that, but you could also choose a "harder" one that actually goes deep in to your muscles.
Even my feet had some nice treatment. :-)

Okey, it´s not like "the real thing", but as a subsitute it´s more than good and absolutely worth a try.

Imaging that every workplace had one.
15 minutes whenever it suites you is all you need. Don´t even have to take your clothes off.
What a benefit.
Not only for the worker, but also for the employer.

Maybe something for your next wage negotiation?

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