Weblog #179

Saturday 2008-04-12 21:59
Author: Ingmarie Nilsson
It´s getting closer..
..to a "new" and updated blog site! :-)

My darling is working very hard to adjust our weblog so that there will be both a commentbox, more pictures and some more "about me".

He already has a lot about himself at NemoNisiMors.
Take a look! It´s very nice and if you click on "links" you get a bunch of, yeah right, links. :-)
His "pacecalculator" is used even in Australia!
Of course you could also read about him.
The sweetest man on earth.

I´m more...hm..
Guess you could call it lazy because all I have this far is a CV.
But it´s on the other hand very long. ;-)

So keep your eyes open!
When my darling is in to something he´s doing it very accurately, pedagogical, neat and tidy.

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