Weblog #188

Friday 2008-04-18 14:32
Author: Ingmarie Nilsson
Too nice weather for sitting in a sweaty spinning-room, so today my bike came out from the basement to see the sun again.

And I think he (yes, it´s a "he") liked it just as much as me!
Had a lovely tour to Skuggarvet,Rostberga, and around the lake Varpan.

Made an easy start. Decided before my ride not to go for more than 90 minutes, and I kept my promise. :-)
Want to see how I feel tomorrow before I do more.

What a sound girl I am!:-)

It was so much fun that I´m actually going to enter one or two bikeraces this summer.


Was that me writing that?

Me, who hates all the bike-gadgets, the mounting and, not to forget, the speed.
I love the uphills and the straight but on the downhills I´m a real chicken.
The only thing that works then are the brakes...

Oh, but what the heck!
I can´t live a whole life without participate in a bikerace. Could I?
Just something I "have" to do, so why not now?

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