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Thursday 2009-10-22 10:03
Author: Ingmarie Nilsson
Jag fick ett mail...
Toby Tanser är en engelsman som jag lärde känna när han under flera år bodde i Sverige. Vi har sprungit åtskilliga mil tillsammans och delar därför både många minnen och svettiga pass. ;-)
Han är en helt fantastisk människa på flera sätt. För flera år sedan startade han projektet Shoe4Africa som idag har vuxit och innefattar så otroligt mycket mer än bara skor.
Läs hans mail här nedan, kolla in hemsidan och hjälp till!
Jag går i godo för att du kan lita på Toby till 100%.

Help, please; I am trying to build Africa´s largest children´s hospital!
Yes, on Nov 1st I will be wearing hospital scrubs and leading a group of runners including Anthony Edwards ("Goose"), James Legros ("Mercy"), Sarah Jones ("Bridge & Tunnel"), Tegla Loroupe (First African lady to hold the World Marathon record, 2X NYC winner), and a host of other heroes as we set off on a 26.2-mile Odyssey. NONE of us intended to run a marathon at the start of May. But the reason to do so is too compelling-Kenya does not have a single public children´s hospital, and 80% of the kids who die do so without ever seeing a health care provider!

As most of you know my full time job is my charity I started in 1995, Shoe4Africa. What began as a hobby back in the 90´s now is a job-albeit without a salary. I add this as I need you to know that I am working towards something because I believe in its purpose more than I believe in anything else right now. Since giving away a pair of shoes (and being arrested in Paris as a vagrant) I have moved to health drives, to women´s empowerment (holding the biggest women´s only races in both Kenya & Tanzania), to Education (sponsoring school fees and building a school!), to the Environment with a plant a tree campaign... We are now involved with Malaria awareness and teaching, and then there is also our women´s soccer team in the heart of Kibera (the second largest slum in the world)

In fact it is mind boggling to think of how far we have come, on so little! From a completely personal standpoint this is also one month off my tenth anniversary of nearly being killed in Africa for a shoe; four separate doctors told me it was a miracle I survived... so all in all this year´s marathon is pretty special for me. In fact my first race of significance back after brain surgery was completing the NYC Marathon ten months later to raise $10,000 for Fred´s Memorial Sloan Cancer team.

Funnily enough that attack was on Dec 29th 1999, and on December 29th 2007 I nearly got killed again when the violence erupted in Kenya and people were being macheted, shot, and burned to death in the worse event of Kenyan history; the 07 Post Election Riots (600,000 displaced in one month!) Twenty miles from where I was staying a few days later, on Jan 1st, the "rebels" drove 50 women & children into a church and torched the building... it was that kind of crazy. That was also the start of this event, the hospital.

I have too many stories for an email but it breaks my heart seeing things like a child arriving in a wheelbarrow to a hospital, seeing a mother explain that she wants 10-kids as she knows 5 will die, to know that the preventable disease of Malaria is claiming 3000 children deaths a day in Africa (not one in Britain for 13-years), and half a million deaths from measles per year.

I see these kids first hand, then a day or two later you hear they died, it kills you. Especially when over here in the West we spend more on "lifestyle" drugs than on traditional medicines, and America spends more on Obesity and "not eating" related medicines than Africa (three times as many people) does on health care. or should I say can afford to spend...
I know the economy is tough, and most of you plucked from my address book, have probably been hit up by marathon fund raisers by now but I am asking, in the true Shoe4Africa get-involved style, to do it one of two ways;

#1. If you have time, please donate ten dollars using the PAYPAL link on our homepage Shoe4Africa then forward this to ten of your friends that you think would help put a brick on our all of fame.
#2. Just give a donation.
Please remember that we are a 501 C3 charity, and all of your donation goes 100% to building the hospital.

Thanks for your time, and even if you choose not to support please try an option #3 of forwarding to friends!
Asante Sana

2 comments to "Jag fick ett mail..."

Thursday 2009-10-22 12:05
Fantastiskt! Hade en lång tråd på facebook med mina vänner igår om att vända allt till positivt. Kom in på Afrika... och nu har jag uppmanat alla att hjälpa till - postade länken. Tack för tips :)
Thursday 2009-10-22 13:48
MarathonMia; Åh vad BRA! TACK själv! Toby kommer att bli överlycklig! För att inte tala om alla barn. :-)

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