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Sunday 2008-04-20 19:33
Author: Ingmarie Nilsson
Duathlon day
Since I can´t run as much and as long as I want to because of my foot, I had to find another solution to still get the "sunday-long-run".

Not a big problem really.
Remember, I have Silver bullet #2! :-)
I met Peter, my running mate, and had company with him for about 90 minutes. He continued to run, surely without me poor man, but still.. He could run.

So instead of being a companion to Peter I took out Silver Bullet #2 from the basement and gosh!
He was just as happy as last time.
For almost 2 hours we went together to Skuggarvet, Sundborn, Hosjön, Roxnäs and back to Falun.

On the road between Skuggarvet and Sundborn I found out that I really am a chicken.
At least downhill...
3 bikers passed me in a, in my eyes, horrendous speed.


No way I could catch up with them.
Not even if I wouldn´t have been a chicken..

I kept on pedaling and when I came to Roxnäs there was this man turning up just infront of me with his bike.

My 2 little horns grew out from my forehead and the little competition-devil woke up.
There was no way that he was going to be ahead of me.
No way!
A flat straight, headwind, me, my bike, the sun and my little devil.
I pedaled like a crazy and passed him. For 4-5 kilometers he was just behind and I know he tried to catch up with me but, belive it or not, he surrendered.

Was I happy?
You bet!
I could tell the man was a biker.
Who cares that he wasn´t in his salad days, to be honest it was more like the geriatric days, but I "won" and I wasn´t afraid of the speed.
Actually I really liked it!

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