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Friday 2008-04-25 18:22
Author: Ingmarie Nilsson
More happiness
Since I´ve been writing so many sad and negative things here the last few days, I´ll do my best to compensate by just writing about, right, happiness. :-)

Sitting on the train back north to Falun and my two darlings. One on two legs and one on four.
I´m also going back to the peace, clean air and the "small-town-daily-life".

I love being in Stockholm. To be a part of all the things going on, even if there isn´t a chance in the world that I can participate in everything.
But I like the feeling that I could.
In Falun I (almost) never have that "problem", because there´s never that much to choose between.
Which is kind of good.
And bad.
Depending on if I want to do something or not.

Well well. Guess that, if something, is a deluxe problem...

Had a great intervall run this morning in the sun (great for me these days=no pain) and then an even greater yoga class lead by my dear friend Camilla on, yeah you know, SATS. :-)
The cream on the cake was our lunch at Chutney, a vegeterian restaurant.
Always crowded and always yum-yum food.

My boss called me before and booked me for more jobs at both Karolinska in Solna and Huddinge.
As a second cream on the cake (I´ll be fat if this goes on) my friend Terese had another job offer.
Writing a chronicle for Netdoktor.

Isn´t that great!?

I´m so very pleased.
Pleased to be happy.
Please to be needed.
Pleased to love and be loved.

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