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Monday 2010-02-08 07:46
Author: Ingmarie Nilsson
Ännu ett hett tips
My wonderful friend Trish Porter from Albuquerque will have her book Rekindle your dreams published this month.

About the book
Today´s women are discovering they want to fulfill their dreams too, in addition to raising a family or after the children leave the home.
This book encourages and shows busy women how to live their dream, even though they think it is too late or they have no time. Throughout the book there are words of wisdom and famous quotes. At the end of each chapter there are Steps to Success made up of the ABC s: A=Action plan, B=Bible verses, and C=Courage builders.
The book includes several other women stories. This book encourages women to pursue their passion and gives them six steps using the acronym DREAMS. Dare to dream Realize the benefits to yourself and others Eliminate the excuses Action plan Making it happen Saying thanks.

About the author:
Trish Porter is a 1988 U.S. Olympian and after a neck injury, having two children and taking eleven years off from competition she rekindled her dream and started competing again. She is the world record holder in the high jump for age 40-44 years. She has won six U.S. National Championships and three World Masters Championship titles. She enjoys representing the United States, competing throughout the world, speaking and inspiring women wherever she goes.

Don´t miss it!

You could easily order it here.

3 comments to "Ännu ett hett tips"

Monday 2010-02-08 23:11
Steps to success: Bible verses.

Där någonstans sprack det känns det som...
Tuesday 2010-02-09 08:01
hmm... Kul att din vän får sin bok publicerad. Verkligen. Jag gillar när folk lyckas med sina förutsatser. Ändå ger denna typ av böcker mig en liten kall kår av obehag. Kulturskillnader US sverige... Något att diskutera på nästa långpass?
Tuesday 2010-02-09 09:27
Rosenblom; Kan absolut hålla med där. Dubbelmoralens land du vet. ;-) Jag kan verkligen bli skogstokig på den! Men man kan ju välja ut det man vill. Hon har onekligen lyckats själv med "sin" metod. Mycket av det där tänket begriper jag inte och ibland blir jag mest full i skratt. Om inte annat är det intressant att läsa för allt är inte bibelverser. :-)

Anneli; Absolut! Det finns en framsida och en baksida med det mesta och just kulturskillnaderna är verkligen en sådan sak! Typ vapen med till kyrkan... Helt sicko!

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