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Friday 2008-06-06 17:10
Author: Ingmarie Nilsson
The big mystery
I went to my naprapath Daniel yesterday as planned.

The wacky thing is that my body actually feels very good. No pain in the leg(s) or in my back.
My strides are long and powerful. The whole body wants to run.

Except that silly little second-toe on my right foot.

It hurts, but not all the time, it´s swollen, but not all the time, and it´s very annoying, and that´s all the time.

For a while I thought it was broken, but no tests indicates that.
I can´t really tell when it came either, but I´m quiet sure it was during work some weeks ago after standing and walking a lot.

So there I was, at Daniel´s clinic, and this is where he makes the most remarkable discover.

He has exactly the same problem on his right second-toe and he had it almost at the same time as I did!
Weird-isn´t it?

It´s even more weird when he tells me he´s never ever seen anythng like it.
The bad thing: he´s no idea of what it is. :-(

One should then have in mind that Daniel is one of the best naprapaths I´ve ever been to, and so far he´s helped me with all my problems. (And that´s not just a few if I say so...)
During all the years he´s also seen a lot of different injuries and one of his specialties are actually feet problems.

But this-it´s a true mystery.

His guess and believe is, to put it simply, that the toe´s tendon in some way are "out of track". All the tiny muscles around it therefore has to work overtime and starts to cramp. The tendon sheath becomes irritated and swollen and all those things hurts.
Of course...

What to do?
Daniel doesn´t know, but he´s going to study all his books, ask other naprapaths plus his old mentor during the weekend. I´m sure he´ll find out a solution.
He has to!

All the (painful) stretch and triggerpoint massage he did seems to have helped a little.
What makes it worse is standing and walking. With another word; working. ;-)

Running is okey to a "never before knowing time".
It´s very seldom that I have the time to stop, sit down on a stone and wait till it´s okey again. (Sometimes that means 2 days..)

Is this a "new" thing?
Maybe we should christen it?

The only good thing is that Daniel really knows how painful his treatment is.
He can´t even do it on himself.
But on the other hand.
That doesn´t help me.
It still hurts!

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