Weblog #341

Sunday 2008-07-20 15:42
Author: Ingmarie Nilsson
Get on the road and cool down
When I do the indoor biking I always listen to my iPod.

That´s because I always do intervals, so the music is my "life-saver" when I get more and more tired.
It helps me to push a little bit more, and work a little bit harder.
And yes, more tired...

Just imagine how happy and energetic you become when yoy listen to your favorite-music.
It´s the same when you train!

In a minute you switch from a couch-potato to an Olympian.
Fantastic but so true.
Believe me!
I´ve beaten both Lance Armstrong, Lövkvist, Valverde och Schumacher.
At least in my mind.
On the indoor-bike... ;-)

When I´ve finished there´s two tracks I almost always listen to.
As a great cool-down!
They make me happy, pleased and full of confidence.

It´s Starkare with Sara Lövgren and We vie with Tityo and Stakka Bo.

So be careful with the music you don´t like, otherwise there´s a fat chance you´ll stay in the couch-potato phase...

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