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The subdomain blog.nemonisimors.com is an area where members at Nemo Nisi Mors can write their own blogs. All the blogs written contain the author's personal opinions, if nothing else is stated.

At the moment there are two persons that write blogs here, namely Anders Gustafson and Ingmarie Nilsson. Ingmarie is the frequent writer and Anders writes more sporadically.

Ingmarie Nilsson and Anders Gustafson (Njurunda, Sweden), August 10 2008
About Ingmarie Nilsson Ingmarie Nilsson (Florida USA), February 2008

Born: January 1966 in Halmstad, Sweden
Live: Stockholm, Sweden
Email: ingmarie at nemonisimors dot com
Homepage: http://ingmarie.nemonisimors.com
Facebook Facebook: Ingmarie or Yoging by Ingmarie


Sports and training (especially running, biking, weightlifting and outdoor sports), horses, travel, health, reading, writing, nature, friends, family, movies and... I could almost go on for ever. I like life!

My life so far (In a very, very short version)

Born (Suprise!) in Halmstad but grew up on the countryside in Harplinge and Knäred, south west Sweden. During my first 14 years my life was full of horseback-riding, playing with friends and the dogs in our kennel, school and outdoor sports.

When I was 15 years old me and my family moved to Simlångsdalen. Still horseback-riding but also more education. 1986 I became a secondary nurse, 1990 a registered nurse and 2002 a Specialist Nurse in Acute- and Intensive Care.

During the years I've worked as a nurse, for example, on hospitals, in the Swedish Airforce and at physician receptions, but I've also worked as a teacher, waitress, giving lectures and even as a guard. Some years ago I took up writing (again) and educated myself on Poppius Journalist School in Stockholm. And that's what I want to do. Write.

My family is big. Very big. Or what about; mother and father (both with new partners), 3 brothers, 2 halfbrothers and 4 "extra" siblings. Plus grandmother, cousins, aunts and uncles.

Almost all of my life I've been running and, if I could choose, I want to continue to do so for the rest of my life. During the 1990's I even had the benefit of being a professional runner. Training is a part of my daily living. With other words; it's my lifestyle. Without it I feel lost and depressed. (I guess you could call me addicted. Or just crazy.)

Another thing that's a part of my lifestyle is that I'm a vegetarian. Have been so since I was 15 years old. There's nothing that could make me eat my friends. Nothing.


I live in Stockholm with the man in my life, Anders, and our cat Elvira. She's the sweetest little thing walking on four legs that you could ever find.

Life is wonderful and there are so many things to do, therefore I have more than one job. I work mostly as a running coach and writer these days.

Unfortunately I don't have any horse right now, but one day... Oh yes!

Hopefully a part of my remaining years will be lived in the States. By some reason, I don't know why, I love that crazy country.

Maybe because I'm a little bit crazy myself...

About my blog

I'll write about almost everything and nothing. The daily life in Stockholm or wherever I am. About training, travel, health and things that either makes me happy, angry, inspired, sad or frustrated.

About Anders Gustafson

Email: anders at nemonisimors dot com

You can get more information about me and my ideas at my homepage anders.nemonisimors.com.

If you haven't read my "old blog" before, I recommend you to start reading my Tankar och funderingar.


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